1.1.08 -- Tsundere Development


A (somewhat minor) update, wherein the new art assets for Haruka and Yumi have been included alongside two new backgrounds, and a UI update! We've come a long way since March, and the point continues to be truer with every subsequent update! Please be mindful that the new update involves no new story content, and is purely to serve as a better representation of the final product!

As this update is almost entirely cosmetic (some of the new backgrounds yet) I am keeping it as '1.1.08' because it's really not that different mechanically... Just more beautiful! Thanks to the BG artist foxeleos & the sprite artist dai_dai_iro as always! This also includes an updated menu screen, though the menu flickering at the bottom is not yet fixed.


BeyondYou-1.1.08-pc.zip 325 MB
Aug 19, 2019
BeyondYou-1.1.08-mac.zip 307 MB
Aug 19, 2019
BeyondYou-1.1.08-linux.tar.bz2 309 MB
Aug 19, 2019

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