1.1.07 -- Hotfix & Tunes


I uploaded a hotfix for sprites, some music and also there was Day Three accessible but incomplete. Sorry! I will be releasing 1.1.08 shortly, which will effectively be the story y'all will have access to pre-KickStarter. In addition to the hotfix, Jan Hehr uploaded the album onto his website! You can listen to the tracks more easily this way AND consider commissioning Jan for amazing tunes!

Our lovely artist Dai_Dai_iro is working on Haruka's update, which may potentially include a full rework for Haruka. Her (and Yumi) were originally intended to be isolated sprites for marketing purposes, so they weren't drawn with the poses or expressions in mind. Additionally, Haruka needs to be brought more in line with Aiko and Kana! I'm excited!


BeyondYou-1.1.07-pc.zip 333 MB
Jul 24, 2019
BeyondYou-1.1.07-mac.zip 316 MB
Jul 24, 2019
BeyondYou-1.1.07-linux.tar.bz2 317 MB
Jul 24, 2019

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