A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

[ PSA: Includes pronoun choice and name choices. Please play with caution! It is an experience in itself. Caution if you're easily startled or are sensitive to flashing images. ]

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This is a short and sweet experience, as part of a larger project I would love to make! It's your last year of high school, and you're about to make a big decision for your future... Who will you choose to be your lab partner?!

There's Haruka, the fiery runner! Aiko, the intelligent leader! Kana, the silly sweetheart! And Yumi, the mute snarker! And don't forget you! There's no one else beyond you, after all.

It's all on you!

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Early Access: The game is currently only a demo! Bugs may occur! Please let me know if they happen! We're currently on 1.1.06 (updated as of 24/07/2019) . Future updates will be quality of life, and no major updates have been officially confirmed yet. We're looking into an official artist, background artist and musician for the game, so keep an eye out for a potential KickStarter!

02/08/2019  > 1.1.08: This update is more general quality of life for the project; the art (by Dai_Dai_Iro) is almost finished, and the music (by Jan Hehr) has a solid foundation. I've included one of the projected backgrounds (the library & science classrooms) by @fuyunokawa_art on Twitter! As well as a bedroom background by FoxLeos on deviantART. Day Zero thru part of Day Four are out; there's still more to the story, but it's mostly in the way of art assets and more meat of the story.

02/04/2019  > 1.1.05: Day Zero, Day One and now Day Two! But it's a good introduction to the girls who'll accompany you!

21/03/2019 > 1.0.04: Tech demo -- keeping up for posterity! It's buggy and a little broken so caution when playing. :3

There is no CGs implemented at the moment! The majority of this game was developed in five days, for NaNoRenO2019, using free assets.

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BeyondYou-1.1.08-pc.zip 335 MB
BeyondYou-1.1.08-mac.zip 318 MB
BeyondYou-1.1.08-linux.tar.bz2 320 MB
Broken_beyondyou-1.0.04-linux.tar.bz2 82 MB
Broken_beyondyou-1.0.04-mac.zip 75 MB
Broken_beyondyou-1.0.04-pc.zip 92 MB

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really like the demo so far! 

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I just want to say
I absolutely adore this game
Everything about it
The art, The characters, The story, The writing, Everything
Ugh yes beautiful.
I've played this game at least twenty times over, just within the week i downloaded it
No! I'm not exaggerating!
You're doing an amazing job! This is honestly one of the best things i have played (and i've played quite a lot of games, especially visual novels). It's great and it's only a demo!
I'm super excited for the full version! I'm certain it'll be fantastic!
Thank you for making such a wonderful game. I hope you're doing well!

(ps: Yumi is my personal favourite so far. I adore her personality so much. it's great! and just. aa i love her character design! I might be a little obsessed... ahah)




Are you thinking of doing translations in other languages for the game in the future? (P.S .: I am Brazilian and would love it if it had a Portuguese translation PT BR)


anybody decode these to things 



the second one is a pgn

Is it not a good ending yet?


It's working now, but I have an idea, you know when you look out the window, I think it should say something like, "It's a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, on days like these, kids like me... should be going to school." IDK I thought it would be funny. Great game too!

Yesssssssssssss!...How did you come up with it?  I thought I was thinking of it alone. Haha

My translate have it too.⊙▽⊙


I haven't last checked this game since this summer, and woah. It looks amazing. The character designs stayed the same except for Kana, it seems? Love it! 

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Hey, Hex. This game being cool doesn't even begin to describe it. So far, it has great artwork, a neat story line, interesting characters and their development and more. If I get the chance to support this game, I definitely will! Thanks for this amazing visual novel!


Thank you very much for your comment!! ^-^ I'm currently seeing how the KickStarter goes, but if that doesn't pan out, I'll be looking at other methods of financing the game.

There's a bug where it wont even let me boot up the game.

Could not execute

C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\Downloads\BeyondYou-1.1.08-pc(1)\BeyondYou-1.1.08-pc\lib\windows-i686\BeyondYou.exe. Is it missing? I typed everything out to make sure I didn't mess up anything,but can you explain that plz.

I'm not sure. I'd recommend deleting the files and re-downloading and re-extracting them.

Still doesn't work :p

Sounds like you are trying to run it from whatever temp directory your internet browser downloaded it to. Maybe try saving specifically to somewhere then run it from there?

I dont understand, whats the broken download?

"Broken" download is the ORIGINAL demo, made in March 2019 for the game jam in March where you make a game in a month. ^^

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When do you think the game will be fully complete? I'm so in love with it!

June 2020 is the current goal but it may be pushed back due to funding. ^-^


I Love this game so much! just the demo's ending w/ the Yumi route makes me wonder...does she really dislike the mc or not? In any case the game is brilliant, what will happen if the goal isn't reached?

The game will continue development with a revised campaign in a few months. I'll be paying for it as I was before, slowly but surely. I will probably also add more tiers. It's a difficult balance to strike! I may even just release one linear storyline and kickstarter additional routes.

Thank you for the comment!


Oh god!

I love it!

This gives me doki doki vives xd

yeah like, haruka gives me te monika and sayori vibes xd



Wow, this game has changed a ton from a visual standpoint and from a story point of view. Thank you by the way for the little Easter egg of myself in the game I appreciate it!



you changed the art style? its cute!

Yep! The art style was always gonna change, given I used freebie assets initially. Still need to replace Aila but otherwise the girls are in their final-ish forms. :P Perhaps more poses, or an outfit change, but otherwise that's them!

yeah it really is


Ah! I just finished the demo and I'm obsessed! I love the story so far! I'm gay for Yumi honestly. I love this game so much and the huge changes it's had since the first version of it!I can't wait see how this game grows until the final release! I'm super excited :)

A bug: Classroom_base.ogg is different from Classroom_base_loop.ogg because it doesn't completely replace music.

I'm confused, what do you mean? Is there an error that pops up..?

No... because the music in your Classromm is not completely replaced, so the loop is still the music before the replacement.  Your music style is to play the basic song first, then play the loop of the music...

So in the classroom, it will be like two songs in a row.

You may be able to try the game yourself... The game has to have a debug process.

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I can tell how great this game may be. Plot's good, characters have such an interesting quirk to them, the mystery, and of course something that goes beyond our control. Also, Mr. Saito's a fucking savage

We Need 1.1.09(DIED)

Hey, I was just wondering if we were allowed to add relevant characters to the wiki such as Aila, or even Mr. Saito? And I really wanted to add more character information even if the game is still in development right now. 

Oh, 100%!! I made the Wiki as a base, everyone is welcome to change and add to it!


Oh my gosh this is the cutest thing i've ever seen!!! just played through one route and honestly i'm so fuckin excited!!!!  i think i've got a pretty good idea about the plot for the rest of the game but i wont spoil it incase i'm right uwu. psych horror, cute anime girls, and an accurate depiction of DID? its better than danganronpa!! that bit with haruka at the end just made me screech because i'm so excited for this game oh my god its just aaaaaaaaaaaaaa


I don't pretend to be an expert on mental health or DID, but I did a lot of research into it and watched accounts from people with DID. The way the girls are (I won't spoil it) but -- if they had a human psyche, it'd be very likely they'd have some level of multiplicity within their mental space. Kana is just the most affected. 

I really appreciate the comment, and the fact you took the time to leave one! I'm really hoping this project carves it's own niche within the visual novel community, as there is overlaps to be sure, but I wanna contribute in my own way too! ^-^ Cute girls mixed with psychological horror is just something I really enjoy! 

Thanks again!!!


this comment isn't really a bug but i want to know what kana gives to you in the toilet, the black thing.

She gives you your quickbar menu back. :P

oh XD i should have thought bout that


Man why are Yumi and Haruka's story lines so short? please tell me there will me an extension on their story line lengths?


this is only the first third of the game ^^


Cool! thanks for the reply I saw a video of the game and thought it was cool. Great job so far

hi just thought i should post here sometime on the main menu when u comeback from the load screen the text can be off set


I'm unfortunately aware of the problem yet unsure how to fix it -- but I'll add it to the list! :D

Sometimes my Chinese menu will also encounter this problem.  This is a problem with fonts.  You can change the background!  :-D


Aa I love this game so much and I love the improvement. 

I'm not sure if I'm nagging when I say this but I just thought Yumi looked a bit weird in the new style.

I'm not talking about her placeholder expressions, but just her look in general. I felt it was too feminine and should be more masculine like it was before all of the new art.

Of course, you don't have to apply these changes or anything, I just thought it would fit a bit better for what I assume you're going for with her.

Her looking out of place is somewhat intentional, as will reveal itself... ;)


Oh god, I'm so excited now ,,, why are you so amazing oh my god

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There is a surprised Chinese player.My English is not very good, So I need to use some translations.

I can't wait to share this game because it's great!I can't express my excitement in my language. I found this game on youtube, it is really good.

I can't wait to see the full version of the game! I heard that you recently found a painter (?), in fact, my only dissatisfaction is the style of painting. Although the current style is very good, but... like many people below, I still like the old style. But this can't hide the game's excellence (and horror)!

Let's beyond everyone!

——a Chinese player


I totally agree, I hope translated versions happen soon what-with the finished project.

Oh!  Although I can't enter Reddit and Twitter for some special reasons in China, I am Chineseizing this fun game!  !  Yes!


hi! i really like the game so far, but i can't seem to get past the alley. i think it's because even if i pick that i'm not smarter than artificial intelligence, it believes i picked that i am. is that supposed to happen? and are there any guides to help me move forward? also, i went to the website and wasn't able to find anything really. was i supposed to?


The game is still under development so that's all that's been released thus far! ^^

oh i'm so dumb, sorry and thank you for responding!

Hello! Just wanted to report a bug. It seems like someone has gotten something similar to mine as well.


Yeah, Yumi and Haruka are still using temporary sprites/have some assets that need to be replaced. Sorry about that!

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Wow... I didn't check up on this game fo too long. I like the new sprites a lot (maybe Yumis expressions are a bit... weird/different - but if this fits her personality more it's completely OK) and storytelling is better and better. Full game will be awesome! I'm sorry for bothering, but I just have to ask: Will there be available "broken" version with new sprites? It was great minigame and I enjoyed the file feature factor as well as different endings. Thank you again for this awesome game!


Hey! Thanks for the comment! Yumi & Haruka don't have actual expressions yet, I had to roughly draw them in. This is still a 'dev build' mostly. As for the 'broken' demo, that'll still be available, and there's way more story to get into. There won't be any file manipulation, per say, but ARG elements do exist. ^^


I hope it's okay to ask for this but if it's okay, could you guys leave the other demo available for download too? The one with the other sprites. It's just that I really liked that one and wanted to keep that demo version saved on my computer... ^^ I just really like how Haruka is drawn in it. I'm sorry, I really like keeping thins I like saved with me because they're so often removed from the internet. Don't worry, I'm not saying the new sprites are bad, I just was really in love with the old ones.


Hey! As mentioned to a previous comment of the same nature, I won't be able to leave the other sprites in the final/fuller version of the game.

"I would love to be able to provide the original sprites, the only issue is that 1. I'm not going to be adding any additional poses/necessary assets for them. So they're as they currently are, in a sense. And 2. I don't own the complete rights to those sprites, and I don't want the company who made them to surprise me by saying 'oh yeah you had rights except X Y Z'. They are 'free to use' for commercial projects, but I'm still nervous to use them.

However! I will be assisting with the community who may want to mod the game, and the original sprites are available in a separate project. As such, if people want to mod the game to have the original assets, that'd be doable. I just personally cannot make that content, given it'd double the amount of work that goes into coding the sprites, and the file size would be impacted, too. I also cannot make CGs match the old sprites. ;-; I'm very sorry!"

So I'm fine if people want to retain the old games, and have the old sprites, but the game overall is moving away from them to ensure that they're fully our own and not secretly infringing on any copyright. I'm fine if people want to mod the game and re-add them later down the line, as I'm gonna allow for mods, but I personally don't want to linger on them because I prefer the new sprites way more AND I cannot hope to future-proof the art assets to keep up with what will be done in-game. ^^


absolutely adore the game so far, but is there any way the official game could have a mode with the previous models? totally cool if not, just a question because i personally liked the old ones better ::

I would love to be able to provide the original sprites, the only issue is that 1. I'm not going to be adding any additional poses/necessary assets for them. So they're as they currently are, in a sense. And 2. I don't own the complete rights to those sprites, and I don't want the company who made them to surprise me by saying 'oh yeah you had rights except X Y Z'. They are 'free to use' for commercial projects, but I'm still nervous to use them.

However! I will be assisting with the community who may want to mod the game, and the original sprites are available in a separate project. As such, if people want to mod the game to have the original assets, that'd be doable. I just personally cannot make that content, given it'd double the amount of work that goes into coding the sprites, and the file size would be impacted, too. I also cannot make CGs match the old sprites. ;-; I'm very sorry!


I see! thank you for the insight.

no worries! thats totally fine, i also understand you choice not to use them. 

im excited for the game anyways, and best of luck with it!! i really love the characters and routes so far :o !!!

i liked it a lot and am excited to see what happens next, but the sprites are a bit wonky right now, especially most expressions beside the default ones

good luck in ur future work!!!


it's still a dev build for Haruka and Yumi. I kept the expressions clearly different so when I'm changing them for their official pieces I can tell they've been changed. ^^


I finished the demo. I enjoyed it. I am waiting for more 


Aw, thank you so much! I hope to provide more soon! :D


such a good visual novel i didn't notice anything wrong apart from a few grammatical errors but im exited for the future of this game. p.s. are you going to put a price tag on it



I'm glad there weren't too many issues, though I'm sure I'm gonna go back over it to double check! The game is gonna remain free to play, but the sound track + some wallpapers will be offered for $10 as a way to support myself and the team!


I absolutely love this game. If it's okay with you I'd love to do a let's play of it

cheers~ MonikaChan


Hey! Thank you so much for the comment! Please feel free to do a Let's Play for it, and let me know if you make it~!! :DD


I came here from your webtoon, both are great


Oh hey thank you!! Yeah I wish I had more time in the day to be able to do both at the same time. ;-; but I also have to work a job and do YouTube AND ETSY its a cluster of things. Glad you enjoyed tho!!

i cant do it i have a chromebook!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't notice anything wrong with this lovely game other than Yumi's floaty eyes.

(1 edit)

when you talk to kana and she explains her background it uses her old model and her eyes disappear.i don't know whether it was intended or not so please don't get mad at me. i love your game by the way




Hey!! Thank you so much for playing & providing me with some gameplay to look at! I'm sorry about the glitchy sprites, I changed them with this update (with two girls having temporary expressions + the proper two still having some missing assets). But your video was super professional, and I hope you continue to enjoy the game! :D

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