Foolish Moon -- New Moon


It's ya peep, Vex, here to show a preview for a short VN I want to make thru the next month or so. Best case, we'll have it out by February 14th, 2020. As mentioned, it's a half-hour visual novel centered around the relationship between two girls, The Moon and The Sun. It's an examination of relationships, though I am hesitant to say too much for now!

The trailer gives a good idea of the tone. It's a pretty earnest, heartfelt attempt at a short story, with special thanks to AuCrowne for the sprites. I'll be doing a series of videos on the process, as best as I can manage. I hope you enjoy when we get to it, though keep in mind it's going to be pretty much "what you see is what you get" in terms of the trailer.

There are not any CGs as of yet, and I don't know if they will be added. 🌙💛☀️

This project is being developed as a separate, smaller project alongside Beyond You! -- they are not linked.  I just wanted to 1) have more examples of finished games and 2) to develop a few smaller games, to strengthen my work on Beyond You! Additionally, I want to explore different methods of presenting the story, and also explore linear versus divergent storytelling.

I am still working on Beyond You! -- if you came across from that. However, if you are new to my projects, I would love for you to check out Beyond You! It is a meta mystery mixed with psychological horror, centered around the morality of dating sims. To better construct my narrative basis for Beyond You!, I wanted to make more genuine experiences within the genre as I do enjoy it.

If you'd like to try Beyond You!, this is the link to do so.

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