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 An upcoming short visual novel about two girls who work at a planetarium, until one of them doesn’t anymore. Expected release is 14th of February, 2020.

This visual novel is going to be around thirty minutes long, or around four thousand words. It is centered around The Moon, who has worked at the Planetarium for several years. A new girl is hired without notice, and her familiar safe haven gets interrupted.

This story features LGBTQIA+ themes, mental health and self image. It also tackles the darker side of relationships. There is currently no CGs and only one spite per girl, with alternating expressions. The intent of this project was to keep it simple, and focus more on the writing and what can be achieved through art design and a limited budget.

Sprites by AuCrowne

Development log


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Today is update day!


This looks like a cute interesting new game! I'm excited to see what it will be about. 😊💗✨💗