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If you're looking for Beyond You! it's over here. This project is a mix of preserving the original sprites for the girls, and allowing people access to an aspect of the game. These are being provided for education purposes. This is NOT a functional game, it is a companion piece to a tutorial series I'm making on YouTube.

You will need Ren'py to make the most of this. You will need to download Ren'py, then put the game into the folder so that Ren'py can access it. From there, you can add dialogue and explore the art assets, to get an idea of how I made the game.

I've taken the sprites from my game Beyond You! and broken it down to purely character sprites, and four backgrounds. The idea is that it allows people to see how I layer images together, and play around with transitions. It isn't meant as a full experience, and ideally goes along with said tutorial series.

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BeyondYouPlayground-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 25 MB
BeyondYouPlayground-1.0-mac.zip 18 MB
BeyondYouPlayground-1.0-pc.zip 36 MB


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Thanks a lot for this! your tutorials have helped me inmensely <3