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Sorry To Ask But When Will You Next Update The Game? I Cant Wait For The Next Day! P.S. Your Game Is Really Good! P.S.S. I Wish You All The Best In Completing It!

Currently just waiting on some sprites from the artist, so that the girls are all updated! ^_^

Ok! Good To Know!

Double word "was".

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A bug is occured on Aiko route.

Thanks for letting me know! The bug has since been fixed and an updated demo will be out later in July! :D Once all the girls have their updated sprites!

Fortunately, I'm a coder. And Ren'Py is lighter than feather for me. So i unpacked said script and fixed it myself. There was just variable assigning instead of comparation. '=' instead of '==', that's all.


Hey, just finished my first run through up to the current finished content. Really enjoyed Kana's assertive, confident side and the way it is offset by the sweeter gestures in later scenes. Curious to see where you go with her story, especially given some of the mysteries hinted at! 


Hey! So, so glad to hear you enjoyed the experience! I'm glad her character is enjoyable, and doesn't feel too out of place with how she acts. It's justified in later stages  of the game, but for now, I'm so glad to hear you like her! :D


i love this so, so much already, and i've only just begun ~ !! please, please, please let me know if -- and when -- you ever decide to continue updating this, i'm super excited for this one !! :D

Hey! I'm definitely gonna be bringing this game to a finished stage, and have been working on it in the background for a while! Keep your eyes peeled! :3


I'm totally into this game! I can't wait to see what comes next! :D


Hello! Yes, it is me again... ;-; This game is going so well! I'm proud to have been here since the beginning ^^ And my game coding is going well! Just need some art! >:o And... When the game's finished, I'd be happy to translate into Japanese! :p ありがとう、そして良い一日を!


I may very well take you up on that offer! Email me at hexvexed @ Gmail . Com if you have rates etc. I’d love to have this translated. ^_^ Thank you for the kind words and the dedication!!


Wow! The updates have me even more into this! I love all the mystery surrounding the fire, and you've really made each of the girls very compelling in their own right. Yumi's dialogue is so fun and charming, Aiko is adorable and such a strong personality, Haruka is... Haruka. Iconic and worthy of protection. Kana was my least favorite starting out, but you drew more and more of my attention to her, and the moment I backtracked and tried picking her as my partner, and heard that... music. I love her now. I can't wait to see what you do with her! I have my own wild theories on everything that's going on, but I wouldn't want to spoil anything here. I'll be waiting eagerly for more!


Hey! Thank you so much for the rundown on what you enjoyed in the current iteration of the game! I hope each of the girls has their own charms and stories to follow. I see the final experience as being one you want to play thru, to see all the angles of the story (and the game will reward you if you do run all the routes!)

Thank you so much for the comment! Oh, and as for theories, we have a discord for discussing such things.


This game is amazing. I love everything about it!(haruka is my best gurl) I'm wondering tho..when will the full game be released? 

Sometime this year is the plan, probably closer to the end of the year! Waiting on art assets, and need to finish the paths. But it'll be coming soon, hopefully. Thank you for the comment!!

I cant wait for the official game! this is soooo amazing! I love everything about this.

Soon!! There'll be an art update shortly, actually.... >:)

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Yay!!! I had just finished the demo and was gonna look around the files. I had watched Bijuu Mike play this after i did, its great to see the progress you made and im so happy for you. I would also love to be friends :)




You are doing god's work, can't wait to play the full game <333

aw thank you! haha

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Honestly, I'm loving the game already. I can relate to a lot of the opinions of the character you play as as well, so that just makes it better. There are a couple typos here and there, but it honeslty doesn't matter much. I haven't played this game in a while, but I'm enjoying the good chunk of story that was added while I wasn't here, and I hope to see more in the future!

Tenses changing and spelling errors are 100% my fault, and I’ll be looking out for someone to spell check the project once it’s finished. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it thus far!

Me: *Look at new Haruka*
Thanos: I don't even know who you are..

It’s only gonna get more different from here on out.

Amazing game, but what is the menu theme song? You didn't include the actual name in the "Read me" file.

I think it’s 1234 — the name of the song has given me some strife. I just know where I got it from. I’ll make sure to properly credit it before I fully release it!

I really enjoyed the game's current content! It has definitely changed a lot from the early stages of the game! Doki Doki Literature Club was one of my favorite games, and for this to be inspired from it makes me happy! I like the direction this game is taking, and can't wait for more to come out! Also I was wondering if I could post a screenshot of the glitched character? I know it's hard to get a good look at it. Plus, you have to get good at timing the screenshot correctly! I wanted to ask permission just to make sure :p Anyways, keep up the great work on the game! Can't wait to play it when it's finished!!!

Hey! Thank you for the comment! The game was originally inspired in part to DDLC, with some flairs and themes from other sci-fi and thriller films. I hope to carve my own story out of it, and have it be it's own entity by the end! Thank you very much for the comment, and I hope you continue to enjoy the game!


A little look at the characters.

Before and After.


HexVexed: I will not upload an update until the game is over.

Me: *gets sad *
HexVexed: * take out another update *
Me: *gets happy as f*ck *

Hi, I decoded the binary code at the end of the game and was wondering if it would be ok to post it. If not thats totally ok too.

You're welcome to post it!


This game is starting to remind me of Doki Doki Literature Club... Not meaning to be rude.

The game is really, really good though! :) I like the characters especially! I mean, I haven't seen much of the game yet since It's unfinished, so I can't really tell if It's going to be like Doki Doki Literature Club when It's finished.


Hey! I think a comment you left went onto a different post -- I understand that it's got overlaps with DDLC, and I was inspired to pursue my own story with mechanics inspired by that game. I'm unsure if that's why you gave the game one star as a rating..? I'm sorry if you feel that it deserves a low rating because of that similarity. 

I've coded the majority of the game myself, I've edited the art assets myself (and am waiting for the official artist to make their art for it!) -- but they're not meant to be 100% the same. There's more story for me to show, as this is still early days. But in any case, I hope you'll give it a chance to develop! I don't think sharing some similarities means it shouldn't be allowed to exist. By the same token, if you really hate it or don't enjoy it, that's your choice!

In any case, thank you for your feedback!

Thanks for being nice about it! :) I do really like the game, and everything apart from the glitching parts and character files are very different from DDLC. Sorry I gave it a 1 star rating, I've just had the ideas in my  games (not on here, on another coding website) used without giving credit and it really hurt my feelings. I kind of let my feelings toward stuff like that change my rating, so I'm sorry :( I think maybe you should give credit to DDLC for inspiration somewhere in the game, like in the credits, or on the game page. I'll give it a higher rating, because it does deserve it, I was just a bit upset when I rated it that.

When I played the game I went in Kana's route and I kind of regretted it afterwards because of how over confident she was being :p Also, Haruka is hilarious... And I loved the texting thing, especially when Haruka spoke with her terrible grammar :3


I've stated several times it was an inspiration, and I'm going to include that officially in the art book PDF. It's never been a secret or something I've tried to deny! I'm sorry Kana is a princess at times but you'll get to know her more thru the game! I'm glad you enjoyed Haruka's ummm... special brand of spelling and grammar. :P Thanks again!

Ok, I think you should make the inspiration behind it more clear, because I can't find any mentions of DDLC. And you should probably also put it on the game page. Idk... it just seems a lot like DDLC in some ways. I didn't like it especially when people thought you came up with the idea of looking in the game files, and the creepy glitched out parts.

On the other hand, the mystery person (btw I went in the files and saw the bowl of something (I forgot what it was) with a face in it which was hilarious XD) is a different approach in things from DDLC. It's the way you did the glitching and the game files that make me notice the similarities.

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I'm from Brazil will have a translation into Portuguese or other translations ?


Eventually! But for now, I'm still writing and refining the game.

The boy will have a route?


Yumi (who is a girl) does have a route!

Decided to check how this game was going! I don't know if you remember me, but I've commented on this before! I heard there were some really cute updates that I have to see! Also, on that game I've been making... How do You get like, YOUR character to talk when coding? All I can do is make it think! (I'm going to go look at this games script now, bai~~~~~~)

Hey! A lot of the game's scripts are hidden, so sorry! :P Some are available but yea.

Dialogue And Narration is what you're looking for. Make sure you define your character, and then use their prefix before each piece of their dialogue!

Haha, sadly noticed that ;( Alright, thanks! The game is so cute and I love how it's going! Thank you so much for putting time and effort into this! Ooo.. And yes, I found the secret character, (But my timing sucks and I did not get it...) But when looking in the files, I find this?

o a t m e a l - c h an

Hi, I was wondering if there's any special dialogue if you pick one girl and only play her route

Not currently! Can't say for future content though! ^_^

The boy will have a route? Please add It.


There's no boy..? There's Yumi, who's a girl! She's got a route, you should be able to access it via the new download OR via playing all three of the other girls routes first.

hey! this is for the creator HexVexed! Yumi is my fav character so I was pretty sad we couldn't study with her until we do the other ones, Only if you don't mind but can you tell me why we have to do the other Girls first? 

I changed it so you should be able to play with her first time thru, there was a narrative reason originally but I've removed it for now! You should be able to interact with her right off the bat now.

Hi! Just wondering: Is this game now, or ever will be, available on Chromebook?

Once we're at full launch, I'll look into it for you! I'm not too sure what the process is!

The one reason i played this game is because bijuu mike played it! and i think he was right this is a really mysterious yet amazing game especially the creator "HexVexed" for being so kind and nice to bijuu mike, i have a youtube channel but its not on computer.. anyway i really love this game and i cant wait for the full release or even the new updates also i love the art style and one thing i learned from other visual novels is "in the scripts copy the message this and decode it" and its really helpful! hope i can find out on what the binary code means~!

Hey Lizzy! Thanks so much for the comment! Mike is a super cool dude, so I'm thankful to him for getting more eyes onto my project! I appreciate you coming over to give your thoughts, and will continue to work super hard on the game to get it together for everyone! Thank you again for your time and your comment. ^_^

I love this game! The only thing that i found weird is that if I chose "leave her" it counts as i've chose "follow her". Srry for my english, hope to see more of this game :D

Ah yes, that is a known issue. ;) But thank you for pointing it out! And thanks for your comment! :D

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Great game, it seems really interesting! The inability to follow Haruka and the glitching girl(?) have me invested in this game. I'm having a little trouble with the group chat, though. It won't let me scroll down and see the other messages? I checked this page and the in-game help page, but I can't figure out how to scroll. Maybe I'm just being dumb, but could anybody explain how to see the messages? Thank you! | Edit: I saw that the creater explained that you have to scroll after each text, but I don't know how to scroll in the first place, so..

Hey! Thank you for your kind words! To scroll thru the messages, you use your middle mouse button like you'd normally scroll. However, future versions will auto-focus on new messages as they appear. :3


I LOVE THIS GAME !!!! i can tell this is going to be a AMAZING game ! cant wait for the full version <3


YOOO IM SO INTO THIS GAME!!! I'm living for the characters and the story and OMG THE UPDATE YOOO!! Amazing work truly I'm so excited for this holy shi

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why can't I work with Yumi, I'm not mad I probably just didn't understand why I can't do it uwu help me. (oops! I forgot to say how amazing ur game is owo)

Hey! Yumi unlocks after you play all three other routes thru! ^_^ ThNk you!

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¡No me he sentido tan exagerada en años! Esperando actualizaciones emocionadas! Desde aquí todo mi apoyo! (Les diré a todos mis amigos) ¡BUENA SUERTE DE ESPAÑA!




You're very welcome!


Guys the binary at the end says 

And please consider carefully your affection. Such a choice can impact more than you realize AI LAT deactivated. END PROGRAM. June 30th

Ailat is Talia backwards, by the way. I actually had to get into the script and manually find the binary because it was hard. Hope this helps.


does this code get us anywhere?? !ضÉ-œî÷ Or 

I di2!y
S2 , c7!ve.??

Another grammar mistake "Your theoy work will be done as homework"

Hey! Sorry for the issues. I’ll likely do a quality of life update shortly, just to clean up some mistakes and confusions. I’ll be hiring someone to proofread it before I officially launch it later on. Thank you for pointing this out to me!

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